MesoSim v2.2: Simple Run

We are excited to introduce our new, simplified Graphical User Interface to help our more cautious users get their feet wet.

The Simple Run page utilizes a few key parameters and allows users to start backtesting simpler strategies. 

While a GUI like this is an implementation that feels more familiar to most people, it will always require huge compromises in terms of functionalities and flexibility due to its nature. For this reason, we developed the Simple Run with the features we believe provide the most user benefits: 
 - Leg selection by DTE and Delta
 - Delta hedging by a simple click

The full feature-set of the Simulator remains available via the Job Editor; its custom-made, simplified Domain Specific Language is how the complete set of functionalities is made available. This includes functions that are not possible or difficult to display on a graphical interface, so you don’t have to settle for less complex strategies.

We encourage you to start playing with the Simple Run. If you made it this far in this article, you have the necessary attention span to start experimenting with advanced features. 

The documentation of this new feature will be published soon; however, we were so excited about this new development we decided to release it immediately.

We are excited to see our users start playing with this shiny new toy, so we reset and increased the number of available runs for our users with free accounts.

You now have 25 free runs to try the Simple Run!

Head to the Portal and try it out!

If you like what you see and decide to subscribe, our Black Friday Sale for annual subscriptions is still on until the 29 of November. Use the coupon code 22BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.