2023 Pricing Change

Pricing change overview

As MesoSim is approaching its first birthday, we are updating our subscription plans.
Starting the 11th of July, 2023, we will offer two separate paid plans to allow users to purchase a partial selection of tickers depending on their research focus.

Standard Plan

It grants users access to most of the simulator functions and templates and allows unlimited testing on SPX, ETHUSD, and BTCUSD options.

Advanced Plan

For those seeking even more options and features. It expands the instrument selection with the Russell 2000 Index (RUT) and VIX Index options, along with access to Reg-T Margin calculations.

Grandfathered 2022 Plan

We are offering the upcoming Advanced Plan with a steep discount until the 11 of July. If you have an active MesoSim subscription on July 10, 2023, all Advanced features and all instruments will be grandfathered into your account, maintaining the same price as your current plan. Upgrading from a monthly to an annual plan allows you to keep these benefits as well.

Further discounts

Our annual plans provide a 30% discount compared to the monthly plans.
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